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Gold is considered to be one of the few precious metals that aren’t just valued in the form of coin, art, and jewellery. Because of this versatility, gold has been used as a prime investment option for several decades. Similarly, silver is also known for its dual usefulness as an industrial metal and precious metal. As one of the top 5 silver consumers globally, India values silver as a solid savings commodity. Investing in gold or silver can be highly profitable when done at the right time. The rates in India keep fluctuating because of several factors, including the strength of the US dollar and global market conditions. As a result, the silver or gold price today can vary from city to city, depending on the supply, demand, and local market conditions. When it comes to tracking the changes in gold or silver rates, the Savya Jewels will come in handy. As India’s first jewellery business solution app, Savya Jewels is just the right platform for you to learn about the frequent fluctuations in precious metals rates. From Gold Mutual Funds to Physical Gold Jewellery, every buyer should know when the right time is to purchase gold. If you plan on investing in gold, you will always have to be aware of the market's changing rates. Luckily, with the Savya Jewels app, you can find all information about gold rates, be it the 24ct gold or 22ct gold price today. The same also goes while investing in silver. If you want to find out daily silver rates, there couldn’t be a better app than Savya Jewels.