1. Services of the application is presently free of cost for the member/Registered buyers i.e., who duly complete the process of Registration/Membership.
  2. For Registration/Membership following documents are required to be uploaded.
    1. GST Registration certificate
    2. PAN Card
    3. AADHHAR Card of duly authorised person
    4. Business Card
  3. On successful registration every member gets enrolled in Savya Jewels Business reward program which enables it to earn reward points which are redeemable on subsequent purchase on terms and condition as applicable.
  4. Presently minimum (of 50 grams or 3,00,000 Lacs) and maximum (of 500 grams or 25,00,000 Lacs) order quantity is fixed for Registration/Membership buyers.
  5. Once the advance amount of 10%is paid no changes/cancellation/replacement can be made same.
  6. A member shall be eligible for refund of the initial 10% only if the order is canceled which 24 hrs. of placing the order where after the amounts paid shall be forfeited
  7. A member can register any complaint only within 24 hrs.  of the receipt of the order where after no complaint what so ever shall be entertained.
  8. Savya Jewels Busines any shall entertain complaints only regarding any manufacturer defect, vacantia bin purity and design.