1. Visitors on the APP can become a seller only after becoming a subscriber.
  2. To become a subscriber one has to complete KYC, Subscribe to a plan and make payments as per the plan classes.
  3. Membership as a seller is subject to payment of subscription i.e., as per the plan subscribed.
  4. Once a member completed KYC and makes payment for a specific plan the same cannot be cancelled. The payments are non-refundable.
  5. Plan subscribed can be upgraded but cannot be downgraded. Membership can be put to hold/suspended but only after a specific written request which may be approved subject to changes leviable the same shall be reactivated subject to changes i.e., activation fee.
  6. After Sign up of subscription activation will be done within 15 days from the date of payment agreement service date will be once the Membership is activated.
  7. Savya Jewels Business is not liable in any manner whatsoever for the defect in product/services of the seller qua the buyer. The deficiency in quality/purity/quantity and/or design shall be solely of the seller.
  8.  Savya Jewels Business reserver rights to trademark of the seller in the event any complaint/deficiency in found in purity/design/finishing/weight/colour and/or in manufacturing.
  9. In case of return of goods all direct/indirect and incidental expenses have to be bare by the seller.
  10. The company reserve rights to changes i.e., Membership, activate, deactivate etc. Members shall be informed 30 days in advance of any such changes.